Introduction: Flowers

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    i see you like the compositite family.
    they are nice by the way.
    i need some tips on when to sow Leucanthemum Vulgaris in the UK.
    it is now autumn and all the wildflowers are reseeding and the Leucanthemum is one.
    i have grown them from seed this year in the greenhouse in spring and some have flowered in this year and they are now seeding but nothing is coming up.
    they have been seeding for weeks now.
    i still have spare seeds from the first sowing.
    i also have one that has flowered this year and i grew that from seed last year and its in a container.
    the ones in the front garden that are from this year, have had some deformed flowers.
    one plant head had a two sided flower and another had a tripiod flower.
    why is this?
    in the UK, they are meadow flowers but they can come up anywhere.
    i live in a big city and there are not many wild flowers apart from the occasoinal Papaver Rhoeas and Centaurea Cyanus.
    the wild flowers i have are all dying off now and i want them to self sow but i don't know what to do.
    they are:
    Leucanthemum Vulgaris
    Centaurea Cyanus (purple flowered)
    Papaver Rhoeas 'Shirley single'
    Iberis Umbella 'Fairy'
    Lobularia Maritimus
    Malcomia Martima
    Nigella Damascena 'Persain Jewels'
    Anttirhinium Majus
    Aquilegia Vulgaris
    Sedum Album
    Lysimachia Nummarlaria
    Primula Denticulata
    Agrostemma Githago
    Eschscholzia Californianica
    Viola Hybrida

    hopefully you can tell me how to incourage these lovely plants to self seed. thanks.