Flowery Peace Sign Light (EASY)

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Step 1: Things You'll Need

1. Twiney/ stick wreath
2. Flower garland(s)
3. Lights
4. Ribbon
4. Hot glue
(I got these all from Hobby Lobby)

Step 2: Cut the Ribbon Tie the Ribbon on the Two Sides So It Is Vertically Down the Center of the Wreath

This will be the line of the peace sign

Step 3: Cut Two Smaller Ribbons That You Will Then Tie on to the Bigger Ribbon to Make the Two Internal Slashes of the Peace Sign

Tie one side of each ribbon to the longer ribbon and the other side to the wreath

Step 4: Wrap the First Flower Garland All the Way Around the Wreath

Intertwine it between the wooden twigs so it stays

Step 5: Pluck the Flowers From the Second Garland

In my case, for me that meant plucking the daisies off. Also, make sure you cut off any bottom green so the flower is completely flat

Step 6: Glue Them Down on the Ribbon Outline and in Various Places in the Wreath

Step 7: Wrap the Lights Around the Wreath




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    5 years ago

    I saw that exact thing on hairodynamics on YouTube:D