Flowery Candle Holder

Introduction: Flowery Candle Holder

I'm a packrat. I collect things with the intention of using them in the future to make other things. Thats how i ended up with a box full of wooden tongue depressors!!!!! (left over from a school project i did in 1996! a model airplane unfortunately long gone!).So i was trying to figure what to do with them and then it hit me! candle holders for my homemade candles (one of the many things i collected over the years was paraffin). Its an easy project and you can get them in any pharmacy or ask your doctor i dont think he'll mind sparing a few (17 to be exact).

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Step 1: Step 1

You'll need

1. Silicone glue gun (gets really hot so careful not to spill in on your hands)
2. 17 tongue depressors (maybe less depends on how long your candle is)
3. watercolours (you can use any colour but watercolour maintains the shapes the wood has)
4. fake plastic flowers ( take apart one of those ugly bouquets people bring as a gift)
5. Varnish
6. exacto knife (or any knife i used a butter knife!)
7. A ribbon (optional)

Step 2: Step 2

First thing you need to do is line up the TD's (tongue depressors). I used ten for the base and 3 to glue them toghether. When you have them lined up measure them with another TD if the base is bigger break another one in half and use one and a half on each side like i did, if you are making a smaller one dont worry the extra will be cut afterwards! Let the glue dry and turn it over. Now cut the parts that go outside the base with the exacto knife or any knife TD's are really thin you can cut them with anything.

Step 3: Step 3

Now glue the boarders! Be carefull not to use excess glue because watercolour wont paint over it. If you are making one like mine dont worry about the left over space...Let the glue dry and paint it green with the water colours.Again you can use any kind of paint its up to you. Let the paint dry. When the paint is dry use a big brush to pass the varnish over it, that should protect the base from any water spills and well make it look better.

Step 4: Step 4

Let the varnish dry It takes 3 to 4 hours for smt this small. Spray varnish dries faster. Now time to use the glue gun again glue the flowers in the left over space.If you are using a ribbon now its the time to glue it on the inside of the candle holder so glue from the flowers and hollow spaces disappear. cut the excess ribbon if it comes over the top and you are done a nice candle holder for your coffee table or a nice gift idea...

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