Fluffy Frosty




Introduction: Fluffy Frosty

When I ran out of adhesive tape, I got this idea of making use of its cardboard ring instead of throwing it away.  

Step 1: Materials Needed

1. Cardboard ring from adhesive tape
2. Paper glue
3. Double-sided adhesive tape
4. Colored papers (orange, black, red, green)
5. Cellophane (clear, blue)
6. Cotton
7. String
8. Pair of scissors

Step 2: Prepare to Make the Snowman

1. Flatten 2 pieces of cotton. One smaller than the other
2. Fluff and make a ball by gathering some cotton fibers using your fingers...
3. ...and twist the cotton ball to make a tail (so you can have something to hold on to when you will be assembling the parts of your snow man)
4. Make 2 cotton balls, one bigger than the other
5. Prepare the parts.

Step 3: Assemble the Parts

1. Glue the eyes on the smaller cotton ball
2. ...and the pointed orange nose
3. The arms will be glued on the top part of the other cotton ball
4. Glue the buttons as shown in the photo
5. Put generous amount of paper glue to the point where the head will be attached to the body
6. A fluffy snowman!
7. Bend and twist the arms to achieve a crooked twig effect

Step 4: Scarf and Cap

1. For your snowman's scarf, get a strip of red colored paper about 1cm width and 6 inches long
2. Shred both ends
3. Fold it lengthwise and bend
4. Wrap it around the neck of your snowman. Secure with glue or double-sided adhesive tape
5. The cap.
Make a small cone with your green colored paper
6. Flatten and bend the pointed tips as shown in the photo
7. Glue the cap to the head of your snowman
8. Cotton frosty completed

Step 5: The Ring

1. Remove the paper covering both the inner and outer surface to reveal the raw cardboard underneath
2. Make a tiny hole using a pointed object to where you want to insert the string hanger
3. Insert the string as shown
4. Anchor the ends of the string to the inside surface of the cardboard ring using double-sided adhesive tape
5. Cover the entire inner surface
6. Do not peel off the glossy paper from the adhesive tape

Step 6: Blue Cover

1. Cut the blue cellophane half a centimeter bigger than your cardboard ring.
Set aside.
2. Make a small slit on one end of the double-sided adhesive tape
3. Insert the string handle between the slits
4. Cover the entire outer surface of the cardboard for the cellophane to adhere to
5. Cover one side with blue cellophane
Use a pointed tip (I used my scissors) to lift and stick the plastic to the adhesive tape you just applied
6. Make sure the side is tightly well-covered

Step 7: Mounting the Snowman

1. Fluff and elongate a small piece of cotton and apply a strip of double-sided adhesive tape as shown in the photo
2. Make a cotton bed at the base of the hoop opposite to the midpoint where the string is attached
3. Stick a double-sided adhesive tape to the base of your snowman
4. Position the snowman in the center of the ring, while you lightly press it down to stick to the bed

Step 8: Seal

1. Cut the clear cellophane about half centimeter bigger than your cardboard ring
2. Stick the edge to the sides like what you did when you covered the back side
Make sure your plastic cover is smooth and tight to give an illusion of a glass surface as you press along the sides with your fingers
3. Make a strip of red colored paper, 1 centimeter in width
4. Make a small slit to one end of the double-sided adhesive tape
5. Insert the string between the slits
6. Apply the tape around the ring
7. Stick the red strip of paper...
8. ...for a more polished look

Step 9: Finished Product

1. My own Fluffy Frosty!
2. Front view
3. Back view
4. Up in the tree
5. Other angle

Step 10:

Look what I did with my first Kawasaki Rose. I mount it inside the cardboard ring of a duct tape! 
Imagine.  Create.  Share.  Feel good!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    This is a neat little craft, perfect for kids. Good job!

    If you'd like to get a few more hits, I'd recommend using the 2nd photo in step 9 as your main intro photo. It's an excellent photo and will get people's attention because it shows the finished product very well.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction


    Thank you Seamster and Kiteman, and ChrysN!