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Introduction: Fluffy Juggling Balls

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Hi all!

Recently I started juggling. I'm not very good at it yet...

What I am good at though is making things. So I made these fluffy monsterballs and I'd like to share them with you.

Juggling is fun but also very good for practicing hand/eye coördination. So it's great for kids and adults alike!

These jugglingballs are nice and plushy, so there is a chance that you'd like to keep them in your hands instead of throwing them... But oh well.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Making the Pattern

You'll need a piece of paper, scissors, a ruler and a marker.

Fold the piece of paper, like in the picture.

Turn it and fold it again halfway.

You'll have a rectangular shape. Cut the bit at the end (the piece that is folded just once) You won't need it anymore.

Now a nice size for a juggling ball is 30 cm diameters. 30 divided by 4 is 7,5 cm. Take your ruler and mark the lower part of the paper, like in the picture. The part you folded last shoud be on the left side.

Now fold the paper again; make the left side of the paper meet the mark you just made, giving you a square.

Mark 7,5 cm on the fold you just made. Then draw a curved line between the two marks. Cut this line, carefull not to cut the first part of the upper layer. That's where the two quarters are connected!

If you fold it open you should have the pattern. Tadah!

If all of this is too complicated then you can just use the pattern I included. Even easier!

Step 2: Sewing the Pattern

Put the pattern on the fabric and add a seam of about half a centimeter. Cut the pattern.

Now you have two halves. First, we'll sew the darts. I've marked them on the fabric to show you where to sew. You don't have to mark them yourself but feel free to do so if it helps you.

Sew the darts on both halves.

Turn one side and put it in the other half.

I like to turn the pattern, so the seams of the darts are not sewn together but are located exactly on the middle of the space between the darts.

Sew the outlines but leave some space for filling. Not to big, not to small, 5 cm is fine.

Step 3: Filling

Turn the ball outside in and fill it.

If you're going to use this as a cuddling ball you can fill it with teddybearstuffing.

However, a jugglingball needs some weight, so it stays in your hand and doesn't bounce of.

You could use rice or beans, but don't get them wet. Also don't feed them after midnight.

Instead, I've used a mixture of small stones and beanbag stuffing.

If you live near the beach or a riverbed you can gather your stones there. If not, you can buy a big bag on the cheap at the garden shop. I've bought a bag of 25 kg for 4,-. Look out for the smallest stones you can find.

Fill the ball untill it weighs about 200 grams. This is a good weight for a jugglingball.

The ball isn't full yet, so we're using she contents of beanbags for the rest. It weighs little.

I got some secondhand beanbags from a friend which is perfect! If you don't have an unused beanbag laying around, have a look at the nearest thriftstore.

Be warned, this stuff is static and it will be all over the place! Messy chaos guaranteed. Have a vacuumcleaner ready.

It shouldn't be filled to the max. Just enough to still be able to knead the ball, but enough for it to have some dimension.

Once the ball is full enough sew the hole.

Make two more in the same way.

Step 4: Juggling With Monsters

You're ready to start juggling! That's where I have to hand you over to other experts.

This is a good instrucable on how to juggle. Check it out!


Or ask someone in your neigbourhood. There is bound to be someone who can teach you.

Or leave the juggling to others and have some more fun with the pattern instead. The plushy fabric is perfect, but check out these flaming fleeceballs! Talking about juggling with fire!

Jeans or leather should do nicely as well.

Have fun!

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