Fluttering Paper Butterfly




We are going to make a butterfly...out of PAPER! Yes, paper. This beautiful filigree butterfly is made solely of 1/8" paper strips and glue using a quilling tool. I will show you how I did it and what I used! (seriously so simple!).

Gather your supplies:

A quilling tool
1/8" quilling strips in black, and a second color of your choosing. I will be using blue.
White Glue

Quilling requires minimal tools, if any. I prefer to use a quilling tool, but have used toothpicks and cotton swabs with one end clipped off and a slit cut down the shaft. I have used both quilling paper and cut my own paper strips. Let's start with 1/4" strips of paper. (1/8" strips of paper are common).

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Step 1: Make Your Wings

For this step, you will need:
your quilling tool
8 strips of 1/8" x 12" black quilling paper

Find two small round objects of slightly different sizes. Examples are in the photo. Glue 2 pieces of 12" black quilling strips together to make one long 24" strip. Begin wrapping around your round object and glue the end. Make 2 of these with your smaller object and 2 with your larger object. Pinch opposite ends so that it makes a sort of 'wing' shape.

Step 2: Make the Swirly Insides.

For this step you will need:
8 strips 1/8 x 12" paper in the color you have chosen
4 strips 1/8 x 12" paper in black

Take one strip of black and start by inserting the paper into your quilling tool and begin to curl about 3 turns. Remove tool and insert about 1" away from the last curl and curl approx. 3 times (up to first curl.) SEE VIDEO. Repeat this process until you use up the whole strip. Do this with the rest of the strips.

Step 3: Inside the Wings...

Insert one black curl strip along the inner edge of each wing. Then insert color in the middle. Depending on the size you have made your wings, you may need to tear a curl or two off to fit inside. After you have placed your curls inside your wings, you can glue the outer edge with a toothpick.

Step 4: It All Comes Together...

You will need one black strip for this step.

Glue the wings together and begin on the butterfly's body. Make 1 black curl and place in the middle. Glue and VOILA! A beautiful quilled butterfly! Stay tuned for my next instructable to learn new quilling techniques and how to make a dragonfly!

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    3 years ago

    Very nicely done! Good instructions, and the finished butterflies look great!

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    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you for the kind words! It's my first instructable so I appreciate the feedback!