Flux Capacitor Shield for Arduino

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Hi guys!

This is my very first PCB project.

Recently I had the opportunity to meet JLCPCB, which produces high quality PCBs for a good price. So, I made an Arduino project inspired by Back To The Future movie: the Flux Capacitor Shield!

All the steps to make this shield are shown in the video, but here I'll describe it a bit more.

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Step 1: Design and Production

I don't have many skills with PCB design, and have tried Fritzing some time ago and liked it very much. It's quite easy to use also if you are a beginner.

Once the design is ready, we have to export the Gerber files (it's available to download), and must be in a compressed folder.

Then, we go to jlcpcb.com to get a quote and make the order.

Step 2: Solder the Components

With the boards in hands, it's time to put all the components together.

We need, for each Flux Capacitor Shield:

  • 3X 220 ohm resistor;
  • 9X 3mm LEDs;
  • male header pins;
  • 2X push button.

Started by putting the header pins on the Arduino UNO board, which also gives us a good support while soldering.

Then solder the resistors and cut its long legs.

Solder the LEDs and cut the legs.

And solder the push buttons.

A tip here... put an additional strip of headers to increase the space between the shield and the USB jack on the Arduino UNO board, to prevent short circuit.

Step 3: Code It and Have Fun!

With everything soldered, it's time to code it.

I made a simple code to test the shield, that is available to download.

I still have to code the two push buttons. The idea is to increase/decrease the "flux" (the speed of the blinks) while pressing the push buttons.

Great Scott!



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