Fly Dryer / Floating Keychain




Introduction: Fly Dryer / Floating Keychain

When fly fishing, you often need to dry a fly that has become saturated. This is a cheap and easy way to do that. OR, but a few keys on the cork and ensure that they don't sink if you drop them in the water.

A length of paracord and a wine cork is all we need.


12-18 inches of paracord

Corks (synthetic or actual cork)

Drill with bits

Scissors and lighter

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Step 1: Drill the Cork

Use a 1/4 in bit for synthetic corks (pictured on the right) and a 3/16 bit for a real cork.

Drill in the center of the cork, all the way through.

Use a screwdriver to help clean out the hole once drilled.

If you don't have a drill, you can use a screwdriver to press a hole into a real cork.

Step 2: Tie a Lanyard

I use a diamond or lanyard knot.

Push the center of the cord into the cork and push through. (See photo with black cord and the following.)

Then tie the diamond knot. - In one end form a loop (photo 4). Pass the other end under and around the loop (photo 5). Pass this end around outside the bight and up through the center (photos 6-7). Do the same with the other end (photos 8-9). I used a screwdriver to show the path the end will take. Tighten both ends to form the knot and then snip the remaining cord and melt the ends.

Step 3: Use Your Imagination

Different numbers of corks, arrangements, and knots can be used to make a variety of items. If you are using the cork for a floating keychain, be sure to test it in the sink or a bowl to make sure there is enough buoyancy for the amount of keys.

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    3 years ago

    I made one with a synthetic wine cork. I am a minimalist fly fisher, so thanks.