Flying Fear

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            This Instructable will show a great trick, either for April fools, or any occasion. The trick is when a box (in my case my sister's jewelry box) is opened, the victim will have something they fear (fake spider, or snake...) thrown at them. It is a reals easy joke, but it can get big laughs.

Step 1: Materials

       Only a few materials are needed for this Instructable.

       * a box (a jewerly box works well)

       * a long rubber band or two small ones

       * a cardboard piece (size depending on the box)

       * tape

       * fake snake, spider, bug, etc. 

      * optional: screwdriver

Step 2: Rubberband(s)

           I didn't have a long rubber band, so I combined two by tying them. The pictures below showed how I tied them.
           The next step is to attach the rubber bands to the cardboard piece. I made two holes to put the rubber band through. You may find it pretty difficult to feed the rubber band through, so I used a screwdriver to help.
           When you're done, tape the two ends of the rubber band to the box. Now, twist the rubberband to about 15 turns depending on the size of the bow and rubberband. Then put the 'fear thing' on and you have yourself the best trick.

Step 3: Fun

        To make it even better, write a phrase on the cardboard. Ha Ha or I got you or I'm watching you



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