Flying Monkey From the Wizard of OZ

Every year my kids and their friends pick a movie theme for Halloween! I love creating things, so I search Value Village up and down and try to recreate the character the best I can! This is my 5 year old son was a flying monkey from the wizard of oz! I found a used furry kitty costume and took the kitty face of the hood, then re sewed it back together! I then cut bristles of a broom and glued them on for the monkeys spiked hair. I took a women's grey button up shirt cut it short and hot glued red felt shapes to match the monkeys jacket. For the mask I found a used monkey mask and spray painted it blue. The wings I had from an old angel costume and just spray painted them grey! The hat was a cafeteria french fry container that I cover with the left over grey material and added the felt detail and glued to the hood! And to top it all off, what is the flying monkey without dorothy's stolen basket with Toto in it! This is the best costume I've ever pulled off! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did:) 



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