Flying Saucer Yo-Yo Trick Aka Sleeping Beauty - Luke Renner

Introduction: Flying Saucer Yo-Yo Trick Aka Sleeping Beauty - Luke Renner

About: Video clips are produced by yo-yo performer Luke Renner. Compilations represent over 18 years of performance experience from the streets of Berlin to the coasts of California. Currently in production is a se...

Step 1 Throw the yo-yo down at s 45 degree angle.The yo-yo will spin on its side.
Step 2 Grab the string with the non yo-yo hand (hand that doesn’t have the yo-yo on your finger).
Step 3 Lift the non yo-yo hand upwards to about shoulder level.
Step 4 Toss the yo-yo up slightly and pull with the yo-yo hand.The yo-yo will travel back to the yo-yo hand (hand with string attached).

Note: Every time you throw the yo-yo across your body the string will tighten due to the spin. When the yo-yo is thrown away from your body the yo-yo string will loosen. This varies depending if you are right or left handed. When practicing switch sides the yo-yo is thrown to avoid a too tight or too loose string. This trick is great for keeping the strings in the right balance for looping tricks.

Production Details:
Yo-Yo used in the demonstration - A metal Monarch butterfly. Footage filmed by Andrew Gomez in Northwest New Mexico 12/30/09. Yo-Yo trick featured in this instructional video - Flying Saucer aka Sleeping Beauty discusses how to perform the Rattlesnake variation of the trick. Sci-Fi video in the public domain.

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