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The Flying Soda Can Tab!

This is a favorite from my childhood shooting soda can tabs through the air across the cafeteria. Simple and easy. As long as you have a hand with at least one finger attached and a soda can with the pull tab intact. Works best if you have a thumb as well. Fun for young and old alike!

Thought I would make an entry for the Launch It! Contest 2014 sponsored by Estes. Those little quadcopters look like a lot of fun.

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Step 1: Materials

Few materials are required and could be found attached to your body and in the trash.

  • Beverage or soda can with a pull tab.
  • Your hand with fingers attached.

Step 2: Extracting the Can Pull Tab

  • Grab pull tab as you would if you were opening the soda and work it back and forth until the metal fatigues and the pull tab breaks off.
  • Revel at your strength for breaking metal with your bare hands.

Step 3: Preparing for Launch

  • Pick a finger. I use the middle one because it's longer.
  • Get the pull tab and put the part of it that broke off on the side of your fingers cuticle by the nail.
  • Give it a little pressure to make it stay. Not too hard to do damage though.

Step 4: FIRE!

  • Curl your finger up, with the tab attached, like you would if your were going to flick someones ear if they weren't looking. I use my thumb as a trigger that locks the finger in place and builds energy.
  • Release your thumb and flick your finger as hard as you can.
  • Watch in amazement as the pull tab soars though the air!

What you do with your newly acquired skill, whether it be for good or evil, is up to you now.

Thanks for reading.

And remember pick up your soda can tabs. Metal wasted is a shameful thing.

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    Byakuya Uzumaki

    4 years ago

    thanks for the instructable! easiest one I've seen yet!!