Flying Spaghetti Monster Embroidery


Introduction: Flying Spaghetti Monster Embroidery

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So knitting is not for me, and probably not crochet either. I need something to do with my hands because regular old sewing can get mighty boring. So I've decided to take up embroidery.

I sat down last night to do some test stitches and this is what happened. It took a couple hours and I covered a lot of the basic stitches. I think that maybe I'm going to make fake inspirational pillows and such. They're fun!

I drew on the words with a pen, and then covered the lines with stitches. The rest of the work was freeform, hence the crookedness!

So here's to a hobby I can easily do when my boyfriend is hogging the TV and gaming systems! :D

P.S. Pictures are a little weird. Have yet to figure out how to get along with camera.



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    May you be touched by his noodly appendage. Haha. FSM rules! Oh, and nice embroidering!

    omg what! you know of the flying spahetti monster to!?? haha nice, actually in my school we convinced the pricible that it was a religion, and we made a school "Pastafarian" club. where we basicly hung out and ate ramen noodles there after school LOLOL !.

    Haha, nice job jessyratfink!

    Wait. Why is this posted, but not the Instructables Robot Plushie?!


    Get to work! :P

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    This looks like a cake .............<br/><br/>Maybe this is a sign of destiny ?? Maybe you should try patisserie (pastry ?) instead ??? <br/><br/>=o)<br/>

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    Cake decorating is definitely not my thing. :P I have tried and failed several times with that. But it does look a little like a cake in the hoop, haha.