Flying Witches



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Halloween decorating is really fun, you have a chance to make your house look colorful and funny. And if you use homemade decor, that´ll be even more fun. Today I´ll teach you how to make a cute and funky decoration for Halloween.

You can use leftover materials from other projects and upcycle other decorations, so it´s also budget friendly.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Black lace

Black pipe cleaners

Green spray paint

Glue gun

Glue stick


Black marker


Christmas tree ornaments

Mop strings

Step 2: Make the Nose

Begin by shaping a glue stick with the scissors. Make one side pointy. Then cut it.

Glue it to the Cristmas ornament.

Step 3: Prepare the Ornament

Remove the top piece of the Christmas onament and insert the skewer on that hole. If the skewer is way smaller add a little bit of tape to make it fit better. You don´t want it to wiggle.

Step 4: Paint

Use the green spray paint to cover the ornament. You might need more than one coat.

Step 5: Draw

Use the black permanent marker to draw a face. Draw different faces on each witch, after all they have different personalities.

Step 6: Glue the Hair

Glue the mop strings using your glue gun. Do not glue hair to the very top, where the hat will be.

Step 7: Make the Hat

Wrap a pipe cleaner around your finger, then make the last spirals smaller. Glue it to the top of the head.

Cut a rectangle of black felt to glue it on top of the pipe cleaner.

Step 8: Add Lace

Cut strings of lace to cover the hat and make the brim of the hat.

Also glue a little piece at the neck.

Step 9: Hang It Up

Attach strings to the top of the hats to hang them up. Let them fly!



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