Flying a Toy QuadCopter

Introduction: Flying a Toy QuadCopter

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When I got my toy quad copter I could not get it to fly in a stable way. The toy quad copter was out of balance. I tore it apart. I found it was easier to move things around to balance the toy quad copter than what it looked like. Follow my idea and you too can have fun flying your toy quad copter. Refer to the main picture to see how the toy quad copter is set up. Throughout these instructions you are looking at the top of the quad copter and the top of the receipt board.

Remove the cover and remove 4 screws holding the receipt board to the frame. The receipt board is a 6 Axis Gyro Processor based remote control board. The screws are machine threads so be careful starting them. You need a size 0 Philips jewelers screwdriver for these screws. These screws also hold in the propeller arms to the frame as you will see.

Pull apart the receipt board and the frame. Be careful of the motor wires. The receipt board headers should face propeller 1 (Front Right) as shown in the manual replacing the receipt board. In the manual the battery install is wrong and we will fix this here. In order to rotate the frame you must pull out all of the propeller arms from the frame. You may have to pull out one or two of the motor plugs out of the header to get things to move. The Headers are Light, Propeller1, 2, gap, 3 & 4. Propellers are counter clockwise from 1 (Front Right) to 2, 3 & 4 (Rear Right).

Apart Picture

There are two types of propeller arms on these quad copters. Propeller 1 is Orange and Counter-Clockwise(CC) with black and white wires on my quad copter. The part is Reverse Motor Part.
Propeller 2 is Orange and Clockwise(C) with blue and red wires. The part is Positive rotation motor Part. Propeller 3 is Black and CC and Propeller 4 is Black and C. All of the white connector wires are Red and Black. You must put the propeller arms in correctly or your quad copter will not fly right.

There are also two types of Propeller Blades in two colors each. The Counter-Clockwise Blades are pitched opposite to the other blades. This is so they can provide lift for the Quad Copter. It is the counter rotating blades that gives the Quad copter its stability. Front Right 1 is orange B1 CC. Front Left 2 is orange A2 C. Rear Left 3 is black B2 CC. Rear Right 4 is black A1 C. Blades 1 & 3 and Blades 2 & 4 are the same type. The spare blades are one of each color and type.

Rotate the frame so the battery box openings face propellers 2 & 4. Put the propeller arms back into the frame so that Propeller 1 faces the headers on the receipt board. Replace motor plugs and screw the receipt boards on to the frame. Install the battery opposite of the receipt board’s power cable with its power cable facing rear to propeller 3. The power cables should connect to the rear of the quad copter. The quad copter is nicely balanced now.

Complete Picture

To balance these Quad Copters you must make little adjustments to the battery’s position first and then try the Trim switches. Below the Left stick is Rotate Counter-Clockwise to Clockwise Trim. Left of the Right stick is Movement Forward to Backward Trim. Below the Right stick is Movement Left to Right Trim. The Trim settings show up in the remote’s display.

Follow Reset to start up the Quad copter and the Remote. Adjust battery position and trim the quad copter. You must constantly make small control adjustments to keep these quad copters flying.

Left stick Up is Throttle Up - stays - There is a lot of power-
Left stick Down is Throttle Down - stays -Adjust constantly-
Left stick Left Rotates the quad copter Counter-Clockwise. No Movement.
Left stick Right Rotates the quad copter Clockwise. No Movement.
Right Stick Moves the quad copter in that direction.
If the copter is facing right then Forward on the Right Stick and the copter goes Right…
Trim is Opposite to the movement of the quad copter.
If the copter is moving right Trim Left to Right to the left.
If the copter is rotating right Trim Rotate to the left.
Reset: Remote off. Copter Off then On and Level. Remote On.
Throttle up Full. Lights blink. Throttle Down Full. Ready, lights steady.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    A mistake.
    It is funny how your mind shows you what you think is right. Your mind assumes you are right most of the time. Take a break and do something else and then try to see your mistakes. Working too fast and you always make mistakes that you never see. I had two right sticks in the trim control instructions. Sorry.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I add pictures of the two Blade types to the complete picture. I updated the text too.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    i decided to lengthen the booms a bit using bamboo skewers covered with heatshrink tube. flew nice b4 but is much more stable now