Flying Baby Halloween Poster

Introduction: Flying Baby Halloween Poster

About: I'm a married father of four running a bakery in China, and have not much time to do other things. I know my way with tools, like to help friends if something has broken down, and also enjoy creating things ...

This is my contribution to the photo editing competition with Halloween theme. Editing a photo to make my daughter look like she is flying several feet above the ground.

Step 1: The Original Shots

These are the 2 shots I used for the editing. They are taken from the same spot with a minute between. One with the flying object in it, and one "empty" that will make the background for the finished picture.
I used the Pixlr free online photo editing. Which some of the screen shots will show.
Start with a new image in Pixlr.
Then open the 2 pictures and place them next to each other over the original blank image. (for better overview)

Step 2: Cut and Paste

The mark out the area you want to move, in this case the baby. Choose cut, and then move over to the picture that will make the background.
Past in the baby in the second picture.  Then move it around to make it fit with the background picture.

Step 3: Add Writing

Put in what ever writing you would like, using the <type tool>.
Close the images not in use. (I guess I could have skipped opening the first image)
Save the image you want to use, and you're done!

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    Duplo for Daddies
    Duplo for Daddies

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. No. The two pictures had been taken with so similar light and angle that it was not necessary. You might find small mistakes where the two pics meet, if you look closely for them, but nothing that is worth spending time to edit thinking about the end use of the picture.