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"Most of the people ask me, why do you collect scrap from your daily use stuff, what is its use? I used to say, everything has some application, I don't clearly know where it will be used, but someday any situation will click me to use the scrap in right way. My only intention is to reuse things, its just habit to store useful looking stuff, be it empty milk paper package, plastic bags or anything.

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Step 1: Idea: Pull That Tiny Fly From Your Eye

I used to store straw every-time I drink buttermilk or any other soft drink. Today I went for visiting a hill-station spot and while returning, a tiny fly went into my eyes. Eyes started burning but somehow I drove back home. I started splashing my eyes like water pump machine without any success by end of five minutes. Putting finger and towel tip in eyes only increased the burning and making situation worse. There is a popular technique to blow your eyes with mouth air to take dirt out but no companion was there to help me out.

Suddenly the idea to use bent straw clicked my mind. As shown in picture, I put longer end in my mouth and other end exactly the part of eye containing dead fly. With just two blow, the dead creature came out with a sign of relief on my face. RIP for fly... Amen."



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