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Introduction: Fm Transmitter

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I used to use earbuds to listen to music while I drove my dirt bike. One day while I was at home I remember that I had Fm transmitter so I put the earbuds back on the shelve, and got the helmet and the Fm transmitter. I put took apart the transmitter and put the speakers in the sides of the helmet ran the wiring inside the foam patting. The Fm transmitter was $2.00 at a garage sale but if you want to buy some I took a picture of what I used. From there I just took my MP3 player and put the Fm transmitter to channel 1 and if you have never used a Fm transmitter you just push scan which scans Fm radio until you find your music being played. Then you just adjust the volume on your headset and your phone and your good to go. As far as how to keep the headset in I used a strong Velcro because I need to take the one speaker partially out to change the batteries. I will tell you how it goes when I get to use them. That is when I'm not at school.

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