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Introduction: Fnork 2.0

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Here you can learn how to create the fnork 2.0.

The previous sentence probably raised two questions, what is a fnork, and what was the first iteration. Fnork is a contraction of fork, knife, fork. The first iteration was simply those three items welded together.

The fnork 2.0 offers increased functionality over the fnork, and vastly increased cutlinary extremism over you traditional forks and knives.

Step 1:

Step 2:

On to construction, first you need to acquire the requisite parts.

These are:
2 forks
1 steak knife
1 teaspoon
1 linear slider

Step 3:

Now we need to trim the parts to size.

Split the steak knife around 15mm in front of the handle.

Split one fork around 30mm back from the base, and retain the handle.

Split the other fork 40mm back from the base and discard handle. Twist the handle stub 90 degrees.

Cut the head off the teaspoon.

Grind up all cut edges.

Step 4:

Now it is a simple matter of welding and assembly.

Weld the straight fork on top of the steak knife blade, and the fork's handle on the end steak knife blade.

Weld the linear slider in place of the blade on the steak knife handle, weld the bent fork on the right hand side.

Drill holes in the fork handle for the linear slider (now attached to the steak knife blade). The holes must be positioned so when the slider is reciprocated, the knife's cutting edge passes back and forth next to the bent fork.

Finally weld the teaspoon so that your thumb fits into it when holding the main handle (originally from the steak knife).

Step 5:

Now all that's left is to bolt your extreme piece of cutlery together!

Step 6:

Here is a video of it in action, we now have the technology for a one handed steak eating utensil!

The fnork 2.0 is ideal for those situations where you have a steak to eat in a civilised fashion, and have only one hand available to do it! Like at a stand around BBQ...

Step 7:

Or if you have lost an arm in an extreme sports accident...

Step 8:

Or if somebody has nailed some steak to the roof and you need one hand to climb and get it.

The fnork 2.0 opens up so many more possiblities in the extreme eating category!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    We once had someone nail a steak to our roof and this would have been perfect.