Foam Cork Light

Introduction: Foam Cork Light


-Cork Foamboard

-Box Cutter



-Light bulb


Step 1: Cut Out Shape

I cut out six shapes with a box cutter to end up with a hexagon design.

Step 2: Angular Cut

Next I cut the corners of each foam side (the inside) at a 45 degree angle so they would fit together better.

Step 3: Connecting

I wanted to be able to connect them without using glue or tape. Since it is foam and cork board using sewing pins was the best idea and held the pieces together perfectly. I connected every two pieces with two pins, one at the bottom and one at the top.

Step 4: Top Piece

Next I cut out a hexagon piece to act as a lid and stop for the bulb and socket. I had to cut a circle that would fit tightly with the socket piece. The lid was then connected with pins one in each piece.

Step 5: Finished

Finished the light can be used as a desk lamp, on its side, standing or a hanging light and is easy enough to cut to the specific shape you would like.

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