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Introduction: Foam Coupon Binder

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I have decided, again, to change my coupon binders.  I do this every so often due to losing the binder or it no longer fitting my current needs.  Today's coupon binder is made of foam.  It has Brads to hold the Coupon inserts down, a sleeve for "This trip's coupons," a brad to hold a list of your current coupons (or you can get the lady savings app which tells you what coupons are in what insert), a ladybug rolling knife that I got from Michael's several years ago, and a piece of extra card board to separate the pages.  This is a cut as you go binder, you put the whole insert in and then only cut the coupons out when you need them.  Then you put them in the pocket in the front and at the end of your trip scan them in.  Once your done you can cross the coupon off your list with a pen. 

1 Large Sheet of Foam
1 Small Piece of Foam
4 Brads
Ribbon / Glitter Glue / Embellishments
Glue Gun
Hole Punch
Cutting Knife
Card Stock (I used the flap of a coke box)
Coupon Inserts

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Step 1: Make the Basic Shape

Make sure the large foam board is big enough to fit the insert opened up.  Fold the Foam in half and cut three holes (even to where your hole punch makes holes).  Put a brad into each hole so that the "legs" are in the inside.  Fold them down for now.

Step 2: Make the Pocket

Next I made the pocket for "This Trip's Coupons"  to be used once I am shopping.  to do this I cut a smaller piece of foam 4" X 4" in size.  Then I hot glued this to the inside front cover on three sides so that top was open.  I added two buttons with a small rubber band to hold it closed, but it doesn't really seem to need this.

Step 3: Add the Knife

The lady bug Knife I had has a whole for a key chain at the top.  I used this to my advantage.  To attach the knife to the book I cut a small hole at the top corner of the front inside cover.  I pushed the ribbon in and tied the knife to the ribbon.  Then I pulled it through so that it would be long enough to reach both sides of the book.  Finally, I cut the ribbon and tied it to the book.

Step 4: Coupon List Holder

The coupon list holder is simply a hole with a brad through it at the top of the back inside cover of the book.  After you print what coupons you have, you can punch a hole in the top of the paper and put it through the brad, then use your shopping pen to cross off coupons as you use them.

Step 5: Add the Final Touches

The final touches were the small piece of cardboard.  Originally I had put a ribbon on this also but the ribbons got twisted together so I took it off and will leave the cardstock in the "This Trip's Coupon" pocket.  Then I punched holes in my inserts, added them in, and made a practice cut to see how it worked.

Step 6: Decorate

To decorate, I used ribbon, glitter glue, and self stick gems.  You may of course decorate as you wish, but leave time for the Glitter Glue to dry if you use it before going shopping.  This would be the great gift for the "Extreme Couponer" in your life.

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