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Introduction: Foam Cutter by Brain Washer

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Foam cutting is carried out by the wire which get hot when the power supply is given.

The power supply is depend on the size and length of the wire you used.

I had make a foam cutter with the 20 Gauge of the NIcrome wire with the length of 18 cm so after calculation i have to supply 12 V & 2.1 A DC power supply to make a Nicrome Wire hot.

In making this foam cutter most important thing is Nicrome wire which is Expensive but just small length of the wire is affordable.

For making foam cutter like i made, you want wood board, small n long pieces of wood, some screws, drill machine and all.

I had made this from the waste wood which i got from my old house. so may be you not like the structure i made but its effective.

Step 1: Hole in the Center of the Board

After collecting the wood board first thing is to do is to make a hole in the center of the board.

This center is measure and marked.after marking it by using the drill machine hole can be done.

Hole in the center of the board is important to pass the nicrome wire from the hole.

Step 2: Cutting and Joining Angle

After making hole in the center of the board use big height and small width of the wood.

This wood cut in the middle of it and then make a holes for joining together by making angle with the wood.

This angle is the be used for joining with the board.

Step 3: Making Support

After joining the angle with the board it is important to provide support to the board.

For making support make 4 pieces of small wood.

this small piece make a drill for fitting with the screw and make a drill to the board.

After the drilling process of the all the corner use crew to bind board and support together so that board not move while carry out work.

Step 4: Fitting of Nicrome Wire

In this take a small piece of the wood for fitting Nicrome wire.

Make a hole in the middle of the piece so that nicrome wire is passed from there.

After that make a holes both side of the center for the fitting of the piece with the board.

Pass the wire from the center hole and bind the wire with angle and small piece.

After completing this both end of the nicrome wire is connected with the small piece of wires which is use to connect with the power supply.

Step 5: Final Setup

After connecting and making of the foam cutting the last thing is left is power supply.

Provide power supply of 12 V & 2.1 A DC power supply to make the foam cutter run.

After providing the power supply just in few second the foam cutter is ready to use.

make any thing from foam with the help of this and if the ampere is increase you can also cut the PVC pipes too.

So it is good machine to use it for home DIY stuff.

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