Foam Hands

Introduction: Foam Hands

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Alright, here's how to make foam hands. It's kind of a fake since I did this a couple years ago and then just went through the motions so I could post it.

Step 1: What You'll Need

A can of Great Stuff Foam, VINYL gloves (like the green ones they sell at HD), and rubber bands

Step 2: Start Filling

Start with the fingers then fill the palm part, and rubber band shut

Step 3: Now Skin Them

Let them cure a day or two and then skin the glove off, your see why i recommended the vinyl glove, the nitrile glove I used stuck to the foam, I did a couple dozen a few years ago with vinyl gloves and none stuck.

Once you skin it you have a fat hand you can carve or just hit with glow paint, here's a couple sitting in a pile of horse sh*t.



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    We cut wire coat hangers the length of fingers then twist them together to form a hand. Then put wire hand on some wax paper and cover with spray foam. when firm enough to remove from wax paper, we flip it over and do the other side of the hand. Go easy on the foam since it expands and too much with give ya large gnarly hands. We haven't tried it yet but for more human looking hand I guess you could take paint thinner or something to smooth out the foam fingers before it sets. With the wire in the hand you can bend the fingers anyway you like (our witch is holding a stick and stirs it in a cauldron). Since we make many prop frames out of 3/4" pvc, we have put a coupler in the foam in order to attatch it to our monster, witch, etc frame.

    When i make my foam hands i put a white garbage bag on a flat surface. then trace my hand on it with a marker. then spray the foam inside the outline. let it dry a few minute, then place false fingernails on the fingers. let dry overnight. the hands will peel right off the garbage bag. if you want it to hold a pole, after it dryes a few minutes place a pole under the fingers and roll it around. be sure that you leave enough of the garbage bag under the fingers so it won't get on anything else. then spray paint what ever color you want.

    we did almost the same thing, after the 1st one blew up to make a "fat" hand we cut back on the amount of foam and laid a piece of 2x8 board over the gloves, tha parts of the gloves that stick look like skin so we decided to leave it.. nice instruct

    wholy crap i was just going to make aninstructibul to do this cos i just made some yesterday and i thought i was the first but obviously not :( but great thinking

    cool idea man! definatly a bookmark for the feature :) to late to make um now ;(

    It's not so bad now.... once you get into the "swing" of things. At least now he'll fall asleep if I place him in his swinging chair. Still it's a pain knowing that I'm weighed down for such a long time for so little.... Oh well, soon I'll have a security camera up and running to record all the trespassers and be able to press charges (even if the local police won't help) without any chance of hit and runs.....

    I've got an idea.... How about making a "mold" of your face (or a friend's) using tin foil and hot glue (It's a different variation for making molds more rubbery, I'll try to place it up. Maybe on Sunday). Just take the foil and press it into your face to capture as many details as possible (you can even make eye holes to see with and air holes to breathe cause you can just cover over those areas with hot glue). Then take some hot glue to the foil (after you've taken it off your face) to make yourself a "mask". Then if you wanted you could have placed some foil around the back of the skull area and hot glued that so that you would have a complete head (except the neck area. you could include some of the neck, but leave it as an opening area). Then fill it with some of this Foam after the glue had dried and you had peeled the foil off. This way you can make yourself a head and you wouldn't have to peel the glue off unless you wanted to. Then you would also have yourself a "model" that you could create several more masks/heads out of by again placing foil over the existing head. Just an idea because I think making a full sized head out of my "rubber mixture" would take too long to cook.

    maby smoth it out with som plaster( waxy face instructable)

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