Foam Machine




Built this to spray a coat of biodegradable bleach alternative on my wooden deck to clean it.   Spent $3.95 on a 3/8" OD 1/4 " ID poly tubing  and $1.35 on a threaded vinyl nipple at the farm supply store.  The kids loved the secondary use as a party foam machine!

The Motor is just an old leaf blower.  I drilled a hole to fit the threads on the nipple after removing the blower tip.  The bubble material is a men's dress sock made of sheer material.  Hold the sock on with a hose clamp that fits your blower.  Make a hole in the lid of the bucket for the hose.  That's it.

Mixed a solution of 2.5 oz Dawn dish soap (plain) to 1 gallon of hot water.  Filled;  made sure the hose reached the bottom of the bucket.  Elevated the bucket above and away from but, over the blower {{electricity and water = BAD folks....lets think.}}.  This system uses gravity, not a pump, to move the solution.  The fast moving stream of air over the hose adapter nipple in the tube helps draw the fluid but, not enough to draw from below.




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    depends on how much you need. thus one empties 5 gallons in few minutes. some of the club types can drain a 55 gallon drum. Any way this works out to be the higher the cfm the more foam the morr liquid base.