Foam Organizer

Hi, well it is my first Instructables and very straight forward.

Step 1: Find Your Foam

I would recommend finding/up-cycling foam.
Usually where I found my foam is in packaging boxes, if you are lucky you could find a big one at the dumpster.

preferably the thickness of an inch would be good,
if any lesser the leads of the LED / resistor would come out from the bottom.(its not really a problem, it is more of an aesthetic decision)

the picture I have is one I organize for my common use parts, I can easily have a glance to see if I am short on any parts.

And that is the end of it!

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    19 days ago

    If you are going to use non conductive foam for semi-conductor storage as you have shown in your photos, I would recommend just wrapping it in aluminum foil first and then inserting the parts. Not near as likely to get static damage.

    1 reply

    19 days ago

    What a simple, clever idea. Great way to reuse common packing material too. Nice!