Foam Paint Brush Dowel Tool Hangers

Introduction: Foam Paint Brush Dowel Tool Hangers

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I have done a lot of painting using the small foam brushes.  These are disposable brushes and rather than throw out the whole brush, I push off the foam head and save the wooden dowel.  One of the uses I have found for these dowels, is they are great for hanging tools, tape, and a variety of other items.  I have a log home at the lake.  There is an attached shop on one side of the cabin.  One of the inside walls is the log.  I measured the dowel and found that if you drill a 29/64" hole the dowel fits very snug into the hole, in fact you have to hammer the dowel in.  I drill at a bit of a downward angle so the dowel is at an angle pointing up.

If you can not drill directly into your wall, you can also use a 1 X 4" or 2 X 4" board and drill into them.  Hammer your dowels into the board and then mount the board on the wall.  I have things hanging on these dowel from extension cords, to welding helmets, to tape and even my workmate.

I think this is a great re-use of an item and is also sturdy and versatile.  Save those brush dowels and let your imagination run wild. I have attached some pictures to give you an idea of their uses.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is a really fun reuse for those! Awesome idea.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you, can stand to throw good stuff out, eventually will find a use for it, as I did with these. Thanks for looking and commenting.