Foam Apple Keychain Flash Drive...




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well I got a buch of foam apple keychains and a bunch of tiny 256Mb memory sticks in a Uni package...

so the Usb apple was to come about...

or the US Bapple

quick easy and is more a general guide to hollowing out foamy stuff quickly

Step 1: Murder the Casing on That Stick!

we only need the guts of the flach drive so take the case off...

usually the case is held together by squeeze joints and just needs some carefull prying...

on mine it had a metal thign that spun around to reveal the male plug, to remover this I simply bet the metal bit but they're all different

Step 2: Now Have at That Foam

You'll need a sharp knife for this or even just scissors anything with cutting abilities...

Make an initial cut slightly smaller than your stick in width.

now you need to jam the knife or whatever inside and twist, coring your apple or item in general, occasionally pulling out to let the destroyed material out... once theres a fair space inside try putting your stick in and sizing it up (second pic 'half way there'), my apple was the lenght of the stick in diameter so I had to hack most of it's innards out...

Step 3: Done Already?

A little squirt of hot glue inside for this is helpful or the thing disintegrates after a while other than that enjoy squishy drives for life...



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    Never know, you could... Actually you need something really sharp to 'core' the foamy apple, I used my craft scalpel...


    Hehe I for some reason really wanted to ask if you could use an apple corer... I have a few foamy things I could do this with, including a foamy beer. I have no idea where my mom got it but it's pretty awesome :P


    Hmmm maybe. It might be pretty hard though. Especially if it doesn't fit in the bottle/can/glass/whatever else people ever drink beer out of.


    Umm it works, I just tried it, I had to, just to see... it makes it foamy though, I had to pull the end of but it was worth it for that...


    I shall succeed, technically I have, I got a little beer as far as my mouth soon I'll figure out how and you'll have to bow to me... I mean, err....

    get two knives (kitchen style) and take the handles off. then, bend them so that when you put them together, you get a channel running through the center. then, reattach one of the handles, binding the whole thing together. then sharpen it so it can cut, and use it as a straw. (just don't suck on the sharp end, or your drink will taste like blood.) was just reading the conversation, and had to comment.

    I'll have to remember that one, I've still to finish the creative ways to drink a beer 'ible, with any luck Ill be able to do a good video for them all...