Foam Bowls and Boxes

Introduction: Foam Bowls and Boxes

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These colourful containers were created by Guest Presenter Lynn Pavey. She made them from ‘dollar shop’ craft foam and fabric offcuts. They are handy lightweight containers that can be used for containing anything (fruit, coloured pencil stash, stationery bits, or party treats (lollies, wrapped chocolates, serviettes).

Lynn has also figured out a way of using the colours in the mixed foam sheets pack that aren’t your first pick. As you’ll see if you team the tone with the just the right fabric, it can look sensational. Sometimes it doesn’t need to match, just harmonise, to look right. Give it a try, and test your own shapes

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Step 1: Materials and Equipment

A4 size foam sheets 2mm, 3mm or 5mm thickness (from Bunnings, craft stores, dollar shops).

Fabric remnants (from your home stash or fabric shop).

Spray adhesive (if you have adhesive foam, you won’t need this).

Paper brads (pins 20mm long from office supplies or craft stores).

Sheets of paper for templates (can be newspaper).

Step 2: Cut Out Template

Take a piece of paper and a round bowl. Trace around it, cut out the circle. Fold the circle into quarters.

Step 3: Adhere Fabric to Foam Sheet

Use spray adhesive to stick the reverse side of fabric to the foam. Follow instructions on the can and keep the space well ventilated or spray outside. Allow to dry.

Step 4: Cut Out Foam Circle

a) Trace template onto fabric/foam sheet. b) Cut the shape 1-1.5cm larger than template. c) Line up template on foam circle, mark the quarter points onto foam d) 2.5cm in from the marked points, pinch the foam and insert a brad 0.8-1cm from the fold.

Step 5: Insert Brads Into Foam

Continue to insert brads by pinching the foam at 2.5cm in from marker point and 0.8-1cm in from the fold.

Step 6: Make the Foam Box

No template needed for this shape. The rectangular box is an A4 sheet. The boat shape box is half an A4 sheet. Cut the remnant fabric on the bias grain. This minimises fraying. About 1.5 cm larger than the foam. Use spray adhesive to adhere the fabric to the foam sheet. When dry, cut off excess fabric .

Step 7: Measure Fold Points

At the short end of the rectangle, mark 5cm in from each of the sides and 5cm deep. Do this at the other short end.

Step 8: Cut the Foam

Cut the foam along the 4 lines which have been marked. 2 at either end about 5cm long.

Step 9: Assemble the Box Shape Assemble the Box Shape. for the Rect

Assemble the box shape. For the rectangular-shaped box, fold the side flaps in first, then centre panel up at right angles, insert the 2 brads into the double layers. OR, for alternate version, fold the centre panel flap up first, so it is at right-angle to the base, fold the side flaps around, doubling over the centre panel flap. Insert 2 brads into the double layers.

Step 10: . Ta Da! Rectangular Box and Circular Bowl

Step 11: Try Different Sizes

Try different sized circles, pinning together the foam at different points to get different shapes. The boat shaped box (pink and green ticking shown here) is made from half an A4 sheet with panel flaps of even width.

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