Foam Wall Decore and Frames



About: I'm a mom of 4 and I love to craft! Anything and Everything interests me and i love to create in the process of learning.

I love making things and gifting them...else what am i to do with so many things around the house! :-)
Here is some thing you can gift for a newborn  or any child for that matter.

Step 1: Materials

1" wide 1/4" thick wooden slats
wall filler
acrylic paint
ribbon or anything that can be used to hang
Hot wire cutter
Hard foam boad

Step 2: The Name

Trace the name of the child on Styrofoam. Cut it with a hot wire cutter. Use wall filler to cover the gaps in the styrofoam and leave to dry.
Sand it and then paint it the color you desire.

Step 3: The Frames

Cut 2 circles with a diameter of 3.6"
cut an inner  circle or flower  with the diameter being 2.6" ( or less if you want a thicker border)
Cut a rectangle 4.5"x 3" and cut an inner rectangle  2" x 3.3"
You can go with any size you want....these are the measurements i got after i randomly drew the shapes.
As the foam i had was water proof , the paint was not sticking to it .i painted it with wall filler...or in America you would call it gesso.
You can give the frame texture by putting on a thick layer and lifting it with your finger...or dragging it. play around!
Let it dry and paint it ....color coordinating with the colors of the letters.

Step 4: The Frame

Line up the name and under it place the frames. Measure the maximum length.
cut 2 Slats the same length.
Glue 3 ribbons...(in one slat)1 in the center.....the other 2 on either side...remember to keep the frames and see if the spacing is right.
now glue the other slat..sandwiching the ribbon between them.
The slats should be in a L shape now ( see picture )
Once dry ...paint and let it dry again.

Step 5: Finishing!

Now glue the name and glue the frame at the end of the ribbons.
Wallah! you now have a personalized gift!
New mom's will love you for this!

BTW...if you don't have a hot wire cutter here is how to make your own!



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