Foam Sanding Tips




Introduction: Foam Sanding Tips

Just some tips to help sand pink foam!

suggestions always welcome.

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Step 1: Secure the Foam With the Clamp

Secure the foam piece to the camp table. It helps to have a WIDE and FLAT clamping surface to get a secure grip.

TIP: If your design does not have an flat areas, try including some extra-material on the foam, that you can later cut off.

Step 2: Tools to Have

  • A wooden block with one edge rounded, and a piece of sanding paper glued on it
  • 20 mm wide (approx) strips of sanding paper, different grits
  • Pink foam blocks with round scoops based on your profile requirements
  • Pencil shaved away to the centre

Step 3: Cutout Foam Block As a Template

Use the cutout foam block as a template with a suitable sand paper to sand rounds faster.

Step 4: Tracing the Reference Model With the Custom Pencil

The cutaway pencil makes it easier to trace lines from your model onto the new block since it can slide very close , and almost perpendicular to the edges of the model.

-credits to Jan for the tip

Step 5: Shoeshining Technique for Making Refined Rounds

Utilize a strip of sanding paper to rub along the edges of the model to achieve cleaner rounds. You can stick a piece of tape or anything else to reinforce the paper , so that it doesn't tear too easily.

I noticed Sally joins two strips of sanding paper to backside of other. Thats is also a good idea so you can sand with both grits. Just keep care of them blisters on fingers.

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