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Introduction: Foamboard Cutout

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Looking for a way to pay tribute to your favorite fictional characters? Why not make your very own foamboard cutout to display proudly wherever you choose. For my character I used Toon Link but feel free to apply this process to any character of your choice.

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Step 1: What You'll Need

- 2 pieces of foamboard, any size (I used 20"x30")
- Pencil and pen
- Cutting tool ( x-acto knife would work best but I used a pocket knife.)
- Krazy glue, super glue, or other powerful adhesive
- Paint brushes (I used one for each color to save time.)
- Acrylic paint
- Measuring tool

Step 2: Choose Your Character

First you'll need to decide who you'll be making. Be sure to consider the amount of details in your character as it will affect the time it takes to complete your project. As you can see my reference is fairly simple in terms of line and color and I completed the cutout in about a day.

Step 3: Draw Your Character

Now that you've selected a character you're going to draw them onto one of your pieces of foamboard, we'll be using the other piece later.

While drawing try not to put too much pressure on your foamboard or it will dent.

Once you've drawn your figure in pencil outline it with a pen or marker. The outline ensures that your lines won't disappear during the painting process.

Step 4: Cut Out Your Figure

Now that you've gotten your character drawn you can free them from the foamboard. Grab your Master Sword, x-acto knife, or whatever cutting tool you have and carefully cut along the outside edge of your character.

DO NOT cut out any pieces that are on the inside of your character's outline, such as the piece in between Link's legs.

Use common sense while cutting and don't hurt yourself or use a delicate surface as a cutting board.

Step 5: Let's Paint!

With your character cut out you are now ready to paint. Unless you have an extensive collection of paint or a very simple character there is a good chance you won't have all the exact colors you'll need, which means you will need to mix some colors.

If you do need to mix colors, remember that it is always better to have more paint than you need rather than not enough. It is extremely difficult to mix the same color twice.

While painting, don't worry about slightly going over your lines. You should be able to cover up most mistakes with a bolder black outline later.

The painting process can take a while so be patient. You may need to give some areas multiple coats to achieve a smooth finished look.

Step 6: Assemble Your Cutout!

Here's where your second piece of foamboard comes in. Cut a small triangular section out of your foamboard as shown above. Be sure to leave a portion at that bottom that is approximately 2" tall and 1/2cm wide.

Now on your painted piece of foamboard you will find the approximate center (or the exact center) and make a small cut 2" tall and 3mm wide (assuming that your foamboard is 3mm thickness).

Slide the nub of your triangular piece into the cut at the bottom of your painted piece to see how your figure will stand. You may want to give the bottom of your triangular piece a slight angle so that your figure leans slightly backward.

Remove your triangular section from your larger piece of foamboard. Apply adhesive to any edges of your triangular piece that will touch the back of your painted piece. Slide the nub of your triangular piece into the cut at the bottom of your painted piece and press them together firmly to allow your adhesive to dry.

When finished, the back of your cutout should look like the third picture above (I decided to cut off the top portion of my triangle).

Step 7: Admire Your Work

Now that your cutout has been assembled you're ready to display it wherever you'd like. Keep in mind that foamboard is not incredibly sturdy so place your cutout somewhere it will be safe.


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