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As a final project for Minecraft Month over at CairdyCrafts, we will be making diamond swords out of foam board! Check out the video below for a step by step video guide to go with this Instructable!

Edit: There may be a bonus Minecraft project coming out this coming Friday! Stay tuned...

Step 1: Collect Your Tools and Materials

For this project, you will need these tools and materials:

  • Download the sword templates from this step and print out in colour.
    • Enlarging them to A3 gives you a nice size for your finished sword, but A4 works just as well.
    • Printing on glossy paper adds a real sheen to the sword!
    • Make sure you have:
      • 2 coloured sword templates
      • If printing A3: 4 black and white sword templates
      • If printing A4: 2 black and white sword templates
      • 1 sheet of tabs
  • 1 A2 sheet of 5mm foamboard
  • Metal ruler (at least 50cm)
  • Scissors
  • Xacto/Stanley/Craft knife
  • Healing cutting board
  • Tacky glue stick
  • Or Hot glue gun with spare glue sticks (not necessary)
  • A couple of hours!

With tools and materials all sorted, let's begin!

Step 2: Cut Out Your Templates

First, use your scissors to cut out all your sword and tab templates.

When you're done, separate the tabs into like-coloured piles and set the tabs and coloured templates aside for later.

Step 3: Prepare and Cut Your Foam Board Swords

Next, take your black and white sword templates...

  • 4 if you're working with A3
  • 2 if you're working with A4

...and use your tacky glue stick to attach them onto your foam board.

You can actually line up the notches on the swords to save space on the foam board!

Next, using your metal ruler and Xacto/Stanley/Craft knife, carefully cut along all the black lines to cut out the swords.

You may find you need to flip the foam board over and go over your cuts to finish them off!

Step 4: Join Your Sword Pieces Together

Next up, take your 2/4 sword pieces and your tacky glue stick.

Take one of the sword pieces and apply a generous amount of glue to one side.

While it's tacky, press another sword piece on top and apply gentle but firm pressure for around 10 seconds.

Then, apply glue to the top of your stacked sword again and press your 3rd foam sword on top.

Finally, glue the face off the top of your stack and add your final sword.

Hey presto, a stacked foam board sword!

Now, it's time to make it a DIAMOND sword!

Step 5: Add Your Tabs to the Sides

Now comes the most time-consuming part. I recommend an episode of CSI in the background :)

Take your stack of tabs and one of the coloured sword templates.

Using the coloured template as a guide, glue each tab and wrap it around each square edge of the sword.

As a general guide:

  • Light blue tabs: Sword blade
  • Dark blue tabs: Sword hilt and pommel
  • Light brown tabs: Side of sword grip
  • Dark brown tabs: Other side of sword grip

See pictures and video from 7:05 onwards!

I would suggest starting at the tip of the sword blade and work your way down the blade, around the hilt and over the pommel. Just keep checking the coloured template to make sure the correct tab goes in the right place!

When you're finished, don't worry about all the 'TAB' lettering you can see. That'll be covered up in the final step!

Step 6: Add the Front and Back Sword Templates

Lastly, take your 2 coloured sword templates.

Apply a generous amount of glue onto one of the large, flat faces of the sword and press one of the coloured sword templates onto it.

Apply gentle but firm pressure for around ten seconds.

Flip the sword over and repeat with the gluing, pressing the remaining sword template onto it.

Congratulations, you're done!

(and probably in a shorter time than finding the materials in Minecraft!)

Step 7: Presto, You're Done!

Congratulations, you're done!

Enjoy swinging the sword around and fending off all those creepers and skeleton archers that surround your house at night.

Feel free to adapt the template to make other swords (just remember to change the colour of the tabs to match your new colouring.

Thanks again for checking out my instructable and why not share it with your friends!



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Very Cool! I'm going to try and make my son a few for his birthday party!!! Thanks for sharing!!

    1 reply

    4 years ago

    I like it !but icant kill zombies whit this !becuse it is very butty and I cant use it ¡!
    I give ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ star for this ;]

    I just try to speak clearly next to the phone's microphone (usually I stand just behind the phone) and then do the making afterwards.


    4 years ago

    what do you use for a camera and what do you use to keep it over ur hands when you craft? @timcaird

    1 reply
    Cairdy CraftsSumSum_101

    Reply 4 years ago

    I use my phone to film (HTC one mini 2) held onto a microphone stand with a rubber band!

    Phoenix Flare

    4 years ago

    I am a HUGE fan of Minecraft! This sword looks so cute and amazing! Well done

    1 reply

    4 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome, keep up the good work! If you would like to see a skin Ible I have one on my page, great sword!

    1 reply

    4 years ago