Introduction: Foedt-machine


We are three students Industrial Product Design and we participated in the MyMachine-project. Together with the fifth grade from Hoogstraten we designed a machine to play football in an original way. After designing and prototyping the machine will be made in metal by 'Het VITO' - a technical school - in Hoogstraten.

The following instructable explains how to make the prototype in wood. The definitive Foedt-machine will be twice as big and in metal.

We hope you'll have fun!


Charlotte, Kaat and Lyne

Step 1: Materials

To make the prototype of The Foedt-machine, you need:


Panel: min. 600mm at 500mm

Four rectangular bars: length 2m10

One round bar: length 2m10

Wood glue

Super glue

Four foam balls

Paint: several colors you like + brush

Net (ex. a net of an old football goal)

Little hooks (about 50)


Saw/ Circular saw



Hammer and nails

Sanding paper

Step 2: Saw the Wood

In the drawing you can see the correct dimensions for the bars.

Draw pencil lines at the right distances and use the circular saw.

With these bars you can make the framework for the goal.

Attention: make sure you saw on the right side of the line so you don't lose material and distance.

Step 3: Drilling the Holes

Make two holes in the two regtangular bars of 965 mm . Use a wood drill with a diameter of 30 mm.

You can see the right position of the holes in the drawing.

Attention: make sure the two holes are on the same height, so the round bar will be perfectly horizontal.

Step 4: The Keeper

First, design a goalkeeper on paper. You can choose how he looks: which position of the arms, the legs, the length etc.

Step 5: Connect the Bars

Step by step you put the bars together. You use a combination of wood glue and screws.

Follow the steps on the drawing.

Step 6: Paint

After connecting the framework, you can paint it in any color you like (eg. white).

Also the keeper should have nice colors (eg. use your favourites clubcolours.)

Attention: use water resistant paint.

Step 7: Connect Keeper

Attach the keeper to the middle of the round bar with two screws.

Attention: make sure the keeper isn't too high of the floor, so the ball can't roll under him.

Step 8: Foam Balls

Make a hole through two of the balls. In the two other balls you also make a hole, but not all the way through, you stop at the center.

On both ends of the bar you slide the balls with the complete holes. Then you can place the round bar in the matching holes in the framework. Glue the remaining balls on both ends of the bar. Also the first balls can be glued at the right position.

Step 9: Little Hooks

Turn the little hooks around the frame (see picture).

Attention: make sure your net fits with the hooks.

Final step: Attach the net to the framework.

Step 10: Result!

How you use the Foedtmachine:

Two children are responsible for the keeper and drive him with the two handles.

The third child tries to score points by making goals.

Have fun!

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