Fog Catcher

A fog trap is an ingenious construction composed of two supports that tend to be made of wood and in the center a polyethylene mesh also known as "Raschel mesh".

Step 1: Materials

1. Mesh:

- Raschel mesh.

- Wood sticks.

- Nails

- Bolts

- Tube

2. Motor:

- 12 volt motor

- Batteries Switch

- Tin

- Tape

3. Filter:

- Small bucket

- Activated carbon

- Gravel

- Medium and small stones Fine

- Sand

- Cotton

Step 2: Process

  1. The mesh:
    • Calculate measurements
    • Cut the materials (mesh, wooden sticks and tubes)
    • Build the base of the structure.
    • Tension the mesh.
    • Place and secure the gutter.
  2. The engine:
    • Add a structure for the engine.
    • Solder the batteries.
    • Place a switch.
    • Seal with tin.
    • Cover with tape.
    • Build a structure to protect it.
  3. The filter:
    • Make holes in the bucket.
    • Clean and wash the materials.
    • Place the materials: cotton, medium and small stones, gravel, fine sand activated carbon, fabric or cotton.



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