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Foiled Office



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    I too have foiled friends, but I loved your post-it note! I recycled all my foil (before anyone attacks me LOL) Great job, fantastic photos! This is something people talk about for the rest of their lives!

    get a blow drier and run it over all the tinfoil, weld that stuff right on lol

    I usually dont leave comments, but I thought this was a funny idea! But watch out for the foil rights activists...I dont think they know foil is not endangered...

    This is sort of funny, but the waste of aluminum is puke-worthy. April fools, environment- you thought we cared!

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    Reminds me of the time I opened my locker and found that my locker partner had very carefully wrapped all of my stuff with aluminum foil the night before, even my roll of aluminum foil I kept in there. Of course, I didn't get to find an ENTIRE FREAKING OFFICE, just everything I needed for class.

    wow. wow. amazing. it's so...shiny. and futuristic. a definite +1