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Introduction: Fold Away Table

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Great table for a small space or to de-clutter.

Step 1:

I found an old dresser mirror that someone was throwing away. I attached it to the wall with hinges at the bottom and a hook to hold it up at the top.

Step 2:

I added 2 legs with little hinges to the top front.I

Step 3:

I glued a piece of 1x4 inch plywood to the back.

Step 4:

I sealed it with some polyurethane.

Step 5:

I got some folding chairs and enjoyed a table that is out of the way when not in use.

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I love this idea. It would be great for a "tiny house ". I'm gonna check out your other 'ibles

Awesome solution for a small space!

Did you make a ible for the penny floor? I would love to see how you did it!

This one is great too. Voted.

1 reply

Thank! Yes, I have my penny floor on here too.

wonderful solution for a small space. Good job.