Fold-Up Fish With Knex

Introduction: Fold-Up Fish With Knex

This Knex Tutorial was created by two grade 2 students from Ottawa, Ontario.

They worked together to invent an object they wished to make, they developed a plan, they built the fold-up fish and then wrote their own instructions!

Fantastic teamwork!

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Step 1: Start Building Your Head

Gather your Knex pieces.

Get as many pieces as you can and clear a work space.

Attach the pieces together in the image as shown.

Step 2: Attach First Piece to Second Piece

Attach the first piece to the second piece.

It looks like antennas.

It could also look like the head of a Minion.

Step 3: Build Your Third Piece

This third piece is where the two sections of the fish connect.

This section will allow the fish to fold up.

Step 4: Build a Robotic Eye

Build the robotic eye as shown.

This piece will attach the two pieces together.

Step 5: Connect All Sections Together

Connect all sections of your folding fish together.

Step 6: Fold Up Your Fish!


Your fish is ready to be folded up.

You can fold your fish and take it with you.

Build this fish so that you have someone to play with when you are travelling in a car/airplane or when youre bored.

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