Fold-Up Rolling Bed




Introduction: Fold-Up Rolling Bed

For those of us, who like to have a guest bed without devoting an entire guest bedroom

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Step 1: Planning

Its always important to plan out your project so you know what to buy and how to build it.

For this project, i wanted a fold-up easily movable guest bed. I already had an exta full-size mattress so thats the size i shot for.

* Please dont use these exact measurements for your own project. I live in Japan and things are slightly 'metric' here

My parts List:

6x slotted angle Iron (300cm long each)

How to cut the iron (to prevent waste and save $$$)

1x 140cm+140cm

2x 195cm+50cm+50cm

1x 150cm+150cm

1x 150cm+50cm+50cm+50cm

1x 50cm+30cm+30cm+30cm+30cm+30cm+30cm

6x locking wheels

4x hinge bolts

4x trailer pins

22x corner braces

100x 6mm round-head square shank bolts

4x 6mm wing nuts

2x foam corner protectors

2x 6mm wing nuts

10x Wood slats cut at 140 cm

2x door hinges

2x 30cm long wood supports

Step 2: Frame Assembly

If you have access to an impact drill, it will make this much easier for you...

Assemble the frame, with the rounded head on the side where the mattress will be, you do not want to damage you mattress unnecessarily.

The corner braces are an optional accessory that make a suprising difference in stability. I suggest, if you have access to them, to purchase and utilize them.

Step 3: Legs/base

After assembling the legs, and base, and adding the wheels to it, you are ready for wood slats

Step 4: Wood Slats

It its important to add wood slats, so the angle iron doesn't decide to bow outwards and allow the mattress to fall through. Here i used 10 slats. 1 on each end and 8 evenly spaced in the middle of the frame.

Step 5: Final Touches

I used two bargain straps i got at the local hardware store to hold the bed against the frame for vertical storage, as well as two hinges to add legs to support the slats from bowing to far from the weight of a body.

I also used 4 corner braces as trailer pin inserts for holding the legs in the up/down positions, and the the frame in the up/down positions

The wing nuts, allow the user to tighten/loosen the 'hinge' before or after moving the bed up/down.

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    3 years ago

    Those are really useful! We had a loft bed that doubled as my desk for a while to try and save space.