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I found Rae's tutorial recently:   when I was looking for a bib pattern to make for my Nephew-to-be who arrives in a few short weeks.

Her pattern seemed to be quite unique because it includes four sew-on snaps to create a fold to catch crumbs and all those dribbly bits! Its also quite a big bib which is useful especially when babies are just getting the hang of solids and later when they start feeding themselves!

I didn't follow Rae's pattern exactly, extending the bottom out to make mine longer and slightly wider to create a slight gape in the fold to make it easier to catch drips but its not far off her design.

Check out the tutorial:   its really great! The only 2 things I would stress are:

1) the need to clip all your curves around the neck and around the outside curves of the bib so that when you turn it right side around, it all lies nice and flat;

2) When cutting out your pattern, you have to draw the line of the neckline onto the wrong side of fabric so you know where to sew since you won't be cutting the neckline until after you have sewn it. You need to sew leaving your seam allowance distance from this line.

Any questions, feel free to let me know!



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Cool! Probably one link is enough to include here :)
    Maybe your next project could have the full tutorial posted here!

    2 replies

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    hehe, I was a wee bit over zealous because it was my first time and I was putting one up that isn't my tute, just wanted to make sure I was giving proper credit ;) I wasn't able to put the whole tutorial up because its not mine...