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I am a 20 years old student from Germany who love to make things. Later I want to become an Elect...

Hello, in this Instruction, i will show you, how to make a foldable bike trailer out of an old kids/dog bike trailer.

The idea was, that I want to have an biketrailer, which is big enough to transport two boats and a tent but also small enough, that I can simply transport it in a car, but there is no bike trailer out there which has these ideals so I build my own bike trailer :-). This bike trailer is good for holidays, camping or even bike tours :-)

Also you can use this trailer as a table, when you go camping with your bike. :-)

So have fun :-)

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Step 1: How to Fold the Trailer

Here you can see how to fold the trailer to 8cm hight.

At first you need to disassemble the wheels, then follow the pictures

Step 2: Materials:

At first you need to search for an old kids/dog bike trailer, I found my on the scrapyard, but you can also search on Ebay.

phenolic resin coated plywood (in German: Siebdruckplatte):

Aluminium U extrusions:

4x Hinges (in German: Scharnier)

Small wood screws:

VA 90 degree angle bracket ( in German Winkel)

Red reflektors:

Step 3: Bottom Plate:

At first you have to remove everything from your kids/dog bike trailer excepted the main frame where the wheels are mounted. After that you need to cut the plywood for the bottom plate. Here you have to mesure the perfect size for your biketrailer. Now you screw the plywood to the frame. I use some M6 screws with selfloking nuts.

Step 4: Side Plates:

At first you need to cut the plywood for your perfect lenght and 30cm hight. After that you need to mount the hinges (in German: Scharnier) to the side plates , to connect the front plates with the side plates, you need to drill some holes in the aluminium U extrusions, that you can screw the profiles at the front of the plates with some wood screws. At last you mount at the top also an aluminium U extrusions.

If you want, you can mount some hooks for saving your cargo in your trailer ☺

Step 5: Front Plates:

At first you cut the plywood for your perfect leght. After that you need to screw two VA Winkel to the top corner of the plywood. Then you mount the U-extrusions on top of the plywood for finishing the frontplate.

For the back plate you can also mount some reflectors

Step 6: Finish

Did i mentioned that you can also use the biketrailer as a table, which is great, when you go camping with your bicycle ;-)

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    10 Discussions


    Question 2 months ago

    Do you think if it made longer will work? Or maybe lengthening the connecting part, so it can be lengthened on the front and on the back, to keep the wheels in the center


    2 years ago

    Where did you get the wheels and axis? You dismantled another trailer?


    4 years ago on Step 5

    The part you're looking for the name of, the VA Winkel, in the U.S. it's commonly called an angle bracket. I think most English speaking countries would understand 90 degree angle bracket.

    1 reply

    I already got a modified trailer (Kartoffelkiste :D ) but this comes in so handy :D

    Can you remeber how much money you spend in total?

    1 reply

    Wow! Awesome cargo conversion, the folding is a nice touch. I like the wheels completely shielded by the sidewalls. Very professional.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Now I regret not picking up a trailer like the one you started with. It was sitting by the dumpster and I thought it could be put to some use but I just kept walking.