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Introduction: Foldable Growler Drying Rack

If you drink beer (like me) we are always running into the issue that once you wash the growler it is difficult to get it to dry. For this I came up with a simple to make two growler drying rack. This rack is designed to fit both the small (32oz) as well as the full size (64oz) growlers. This drying rack also works well for drying canteens and other large hydration bottles. Also due to not using glue on any of the joints, it is foldable and easy washable.

What you will need to buy:

  • One (1) stick of 1/2in. Schedule 40 PVC pipe (22in. will be used)
  • One (1) stick of 3/4in. Schedule 40 PVC pipe (31.25in. will be used)
  • Two (2) 3/4in. Schedule 40 PVC Tee
  • Two (2) 3/4in. x 3/4 in. x 1/2 in. Schedule 40 PVC Reducing Tee
  • Four (4) 3/4in. Schedule 40 PVC Elbow

Tools required:

  • Drill
  • Drill Bits (for drilling small holes)
  • Pipe Cutter or Pipe Saw
  • Rubber mallet (optional)

Please note that it is always handy to have extra PVC pipe on hand just in the case that you accidentally make a cut too short.

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Step 1: Total Parts Required for Assembly

This is an image of all of the parts and pieces that will be required for assembly of the growler dryer.

The specific cuts and instructions are to follow in the next steps. Please reference this image before you are assembling so that you know you have all of the pieces required and are ready to assemble.

Step 2: Cut PVC Pipe

You will need to cut the PVC pipe to these specific lengths:

For 3/4in. PVC:

  • Using the PVC pipe cutter cut eight (8) equal lengths each 3 inches in length.
  • Using the PVC pipe cutter cut one (1) piece at 7.25 inches in length.

For 1/2in. PVC:

  • Using the PVC pipe cutter cut two (2) lengths each 11 inches in long.

Step 3: Drill Holes

Using a small drill bit, drill holes in the center of the piece that you had cut to 7.25 inches in length. Also drill another set of holes on one end of the two (2) pieces that you had cut to 11 inches in length.

This is necessary for the evacuation of water from the bottom of the growler drying rack and to provide air circulation inside of the growlers when they are on the rack.

Step 4: Left Side of the Growler Rack

Assembly is quite easy and should not require a rubber mallet to connect the joints but it is good to have it on hand for stubborn connectors.

To assemble the left side:

  • Connect the Five (5) 3/4in. cuts of pipe into two (2) 3/4in. elbows and the one (1) 3/4in. Tee

Step 5: Center and Growler Supports of the Growler Rack

Adding in center and growler supports to the left side:

  • Add two (2) 1 x 3/4in. x 3/4 in. x 1/2 in. Schedule 40 PVC Reducing Tees to the assembled left side.
  • Place the two (2) 1/2in PVC cuts into each of the 3/4in. x 3/4 in. x 1/2 in. Schedule 40 PVC Reducing Tees (the risers for holding the growlers). Make sure to have the side with the holes drilled on top (not inside of the joint).

Step 6: Right Side of the Growler Rack

Assemble the right side:

  • Connect the two (2) 3/4in. cuts of pipe into two (2) 3/4in. elbows and the One (1) 3/4in. Tee.

Step 7: Put It All Together

The final steps are to:

  • Add two (2) 3/4in. cuts of pipe into the center portion of the growler rack.
  • Connect the right side of the growler rack to the already assembled center and left side.


We hope that you enjoyed this instructional document.

Cheers to seeing some growler dryers built out there and hope this helps to keep those growlers clean and dry.

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    What a cool idea! Thanks for sharing!