Foldable Phantom 2 Drone Leg Mod

Introduction: Foldable Phantom 2 Drone Leg Mod

An Instructable explaining how to construct folding carbon legs, I take my quad out a lot on my bike and therefore need it to compress down as small as possible to fit into a rucksack also the standard legs it came with were not big enough to accommodate my CMOS sensor camera.

So here it is!

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Step 1: Gather Tools

Tools needed:

Carbon rod

Tubing to Fit Round the rod

Plastic block (I used double glaze window frame recycled from a company near me)






Snips / Secateurs



Drill bits



Step 2:

Unscrew old legs, GPS, Compass, accelerometer, put screws somewhere safe.

Step 3:

Measure width of foot of legs you will be replacing.

Step 4:

Measure said width onto your plastic block.

Step 5:

Use old foot as a pattern to cut round, draw onto your plastic block.

Step 6:

Use snips to take most of the excess to save amount to file down.

Step 7:

File to the drawn line

Step 8:

Drill a hole at 45 degrees this was a practice and is off centre as a result.

Step 9:

The prototype used a metal housing tube for the carbon rod to slip into but after some research I discovered this could possibly interfere with the compass so replaced with plastic, as seen on the left.

Step 10:

Repeat 4 times.

Step 11:

Drill holes to attach to body of quadcopter. You can faintly see on the two on the left that a smaller hole has been half milled into the the side of the larger hole to accommodate the cables that need to come through.

Step 12:

Here you have a finished foot!

Step 13:

Attach to body and not pictured here some elastice san be threaded through the carbon rod, then a not tied at the end as a stopper.

Step 14:

Here you can see how the folding leg mechanism works and how the increased space allows for larger cameras.

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