Foldable Artist Book.




About: Waljoris. Dutch speaking Belgian. Artist, paper sculpture, paper cut, some drawing. Author of several books in several languages (non-fiction, board games, humor...). Used to perform humorous solo theater, ...

  Also a nice foldable display for drawings. No need to frame them anymore !
  You see the template. All dotted lines need first to be creased with a dull knife. All solid lines need to be cut with a hobby knife. A is glued to the backside of 1 and B to the backside of 4. This is much better for strength and for keeping the shape, certainly when you used it for painting. The advantage of the upwards foldable connections between the pages is also that they keep the shape much better. The booklet can thus be put on tables or hung at the wall.
  Clearly, you can add much more pages with this system. When you add 4 more, you then can fold the book 180° and hang it on a thread in the air. It is also possible to glue the backside of 2 to backside 3. All pages are then double. Therefore, when you add more pages, use a template like B under them.




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