Folded Book Art




Introduction: Folded Book Art

Create various shapes or letters using old books.

Step 1: Get a Book

Any book will work, but a hardcover will stand up better.

Step 2: Pages

Bend the pages so it doubles in size

Step 3: Drawing

While the pages are bent over, draw your design (Solid shapes work best, or a "bubbled" letter).

Step 4: Is This Right?

When the book is laying flat the design will seem warped, but don't worry, it'll look right when finished

Step 5: Folding

Starting from the back of the book, begin folding pages at the mark.

Step 6: Consistency

Make sure to keep the folds consistent so when it is done, it will be a smooth transition

Step 7: Keep Folding

Until done... enjoy

Step 8: TIP: Multiple Marks

If you have a design where there are multiple marks on one edge, you fold on alternating pages and repeat the pattern. (see picture)



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    9 Discussions

    Thank you so much. This my first time doing this type of art. I have been to so many websites looking for good instructions, you are the very best!!! I'll post when I get the heart done. Again I thank you :-)

    1 reply

    I am a bit confused. You said that leaving the hardcover on is the best. You show in the instructions a soft cover book. Do I remove the hardcover then fold and put the the hardcover back on? I love your book heart and can't wait to make one for my daughter!! Thank You so much!!

    1 reply

    I only had absoft cover book avalialble when i made the tutorial. A hard cover is the best to use. See the end result picture. :)

    If you cut off the folded parts, will it look the same?

    OR: What happens if you close the book totally?

    Anyway: great idea.

    Won't download. I have click it a couple times and nothing happens.

    Debbie moore designs sells a computer disc with 10 different patterns on its that simple I done the word love in 2 days honestly it'sworth Iinvesting in