Folded Hand Fans




Introduction: Folded Hand Fans

Today you will be making a paper fan by folding it in a pattern. You won’t believe how it turns out!! #DoItYourself

Step 1: Get Your Materials,

Paper, decorating materials (optional), ruler, scissors, tape

Step 2: Cut to Size (optional Step)

In this step you can cut the paper to a smaller size, but this step is completely optional.

Step 3: Start Folding in a Zig-zag Pattern

In this step you will fold the paper alternating between the sides you fold (a.k.a. zig-zag pattern) until you reach the end of the paper.

Step 4: Fold a Piece at the End for a Handle

Exactly how it sounds. Fold around a half an inch of paper at the very end.

Step 5: Wrap a Small Piece of Tape Around the Handle So It Stays in Place

You will want to put some tape on the end so the handle doesn't unfold.

Step 6: Cut Off Excess Tape

If you have excess tape cut it off! Leave a little bit of tape at the end so you don't have to repeat the previous step.



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