Folder Locker Using Notepad.


Introduction: Folder Locker Using Notepad.

Here I am Sharing with your one of the old trick to create folder lock.
If you want new trick to lock any fil/folder without software(using batch file) then check this >>

Let's start...

Step 1: Open Notepad.

First of all open your notepad.

Step 2: Create File

Now goto the follwing link and copy that code in text are.

and save it as locker.bat

Step 3: Run

Double click on file (Locker.bat) to run

Step 4: Move Data in Locker Folder

You can see another folder name with "Secure" which is nothing but your locker folder>
Just put your data in that folder to lock. and then double click on "locker.bat" then Type "Y" to lock.

Step 5: UnLock Folder

Now to unlock that folder double click on "locker.bat" the enter your password ther hit enter.
[Default password is "mohit" to edit it just right click on "locker.bat" then find "mohit" and replace it with your assword]

Thats done...!!!!

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17 Discussions

I tried to lock my hard disk drive with this locker.bat but now i am unable to recover my data. Can anyone tell how to recover urgent

sir i am in big trouble......first i locked a subfolder under the main folder Documents by using the .bat technique but then i also used this method in the root folder (i.e Documents)to lock all the contains of the folder (Documents) which included the locked subfolder. Then when i tried to open the documents folder by giving the password it is not opening though the password is right......plz help me to retrive my files as they are very important.

I tried this but it didn't work as i have many sub folders. Any suggestions on a way to by pass this?

i deleted the bat file accidentally , now i can't open the txt and image filles , those files have lock symbol. is there any solution to open those files?

There is one problem though, the folder is only hidden. If i select "Show hidden folders" the password protected one is shown and i can open it without password. I really need a password on it. Please help!

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check the echo it will mabe solve

if anyone will open the bat file using notepad, they can see what the password is..
after locking the folder "Secure" and hiding it, move the bat file to another folder or you can delete it so you'll have no files in that folder.. if you want to show/open the "Secure" folder, move the bat file or create a new one(if you deleted it) to that folder and open it and enter the password..

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can access the secure folder

just untick the hide protected operating system files option in the folder options and tick show hidden folders ..

can access the secure folder

just untick the hide protected operating system files option in the folder options and tick show hidden folders ..

Hey ! awesome instructables , got me curious about programming with notepads : P

Quick question : What would you add to the code to make the folder lock itself when you close the ''secure'' folder ?

If delete bat file what i am do ??

this is the code of folder lock

copy it in notepad

(where it is written) if NOT %pass%== type your password goto FAIL

remove type your password and type your own password

and then go to file (in the top of notepad) and then save it

type rename "locker.bat"


You forgot the p in password... Lol. Other than that nice instructable! ;)