Folding Knex Hanger




Introduction: Folding Knex Hanger

This is a folding clothes hanger made from knex.  it will hold shirts but i havent tried it with anything heavier like a jacket but i think it should hold be able to hold one.

Step 1: Arms

Step 2: Hook

Step 3: Connecting



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    16 Discussions

    Quick question: Does it actually hang? (I'm planning on building this, so you don't have to answer if you don't want to.)

    cool: D favouring it due to is pure simplicity :D

    I like how you have all these weapons, and in the middle of the a hanger.

    When I made this, I added rubberbands and a locking mechanism so I can fold it up, and when needed, take it out and have it spring open and fold out completely. Very cool design to begin with. 5 stars

    i showed it to my grand ma when i made it, she loved it
    (and was suprissed it wasn't a gun xD)

    indeed it has been done, the pic shown is the one ive found that is most similar to the one ive made

    folding coat hanger.jpg

    sir, can i ask u, how do u make this cloth hanger?! ^^ i wanna try make one...

    heh...reminds me of that hanger that one bad guy uses in indiana jones: raiders of the lost ark

    thats so cool! i love new, innovative, and useful knex things

    thanks everyone! =:^b i actually got this idea from the anime Code Geass, theres a scene where the main character pulls out a small pocket sized folding clothes hanger for his jacket and i wanted to see if i could remake it, i think it turned out pretty good :D

    Very nice design, Sensei. Keep on making good stuff!! 5*