Folding Knex Star




Introduction: Folding Knex Star

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This is a folding star that is made out of Knex.

I came up with the idea when i was searching things on Google. And saw a cool folding star.
So then i decided to make one out of Knex.

This Knex star uses very little pieces and is easy to build.

Step 1: Pieces Needed

This star requires very little pieces.


Grey 2-slot --- 16



Green --- 16


Got those pieces? Good, now let's move on.

Step 2: The Star

You now need to build the star.

Picture 1: Firstly make this
Picture 2: Next make it into a circular shape.
Picture 3: Attach the end green rod and the end grey connector together.

Step 3: Folding It Into a Star.

Now I will teach you how to fold it into a star.

Picture 1: Fold down 2 of the points.
Picture 2: Next fold down the next 2.
Picture 3: Fold down the next 2.
Picture 4:Fold down the last 2 points.

Congratulations, you have just learned how to fold your Knex star!

Step 4: Congratulations, You Are Finished!

Congratulations, you have finished making your Folding Knex Star.

Have fun!



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    I gotta cooler version instead of the rods being small greens I used the blue rods

    Agreed, any chance of throwing some better pics in? Some of them are a little blurry?

    A little late reply but...

    I think they are good enough for the thing you are making.