Folding Leg Lighting Skateboard

The whole board is 75CM long and 20CM wide, suitable for most people.Panel deep foot socket design, foot socket 1.0cm high, large contact surface, good power, high foot feeling.

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Step 1: Lighting Function

Hollow support, high strength elastic gasket, reduce weight at the same time, also strengthen shock absorption.Red part is floodlight, position is concealed, both do not affect operation, can slide when night again illume action, and on the road conspicuous safety.

Step 2: Sunk Bolt Hole

Bolt sinking design, not protruding, not affecting the movement of feet when sliding, safe and beautiful.

Step 3: Wheel

The wheel grain design is resilient, stable and easy to operate.

Step 4: Folding Stool

Edge adds hidden leg, can rotate 90
degrees again fixed, become rest bench. After a long time skiing tired, can sit on the rest. Legs hidden, do not affect the taxi operation. Show both the operation and the equipment.

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