Folding Outdoor Dolly / Pull Cart / Gear Hauler




Introduction: Folding Outdoor Dolly / Pull Cart / Gear Hauler

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Summer is upon us and outdoor adventures await. As the resident mule in the family, I was looking for an easier way to haul gear from the car to the FUN and back again. I scored a super nice golf pull cart on heavy trash day and I liked the idea of modifying it to haul gear across various terrains. However, the cart needed a larger rack to accommodate all my stuff. This instructable details how I built a PVC rack and mounted it to the pull cart to create a versatile, light and functional gear hauler.

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Step 1: Tools & Supplies

Golf pull cart (I got mine free on trash day!)

3/4" PVC Sch 40

Assorted fittings (elbows, tees and caps)

Hack saw

Tape measure

PVC glue & primer

Step 2: Cut & Fit Up PVC

Start cutting and fitting the PVC for your pull cart. Elbows give you nice corner support, while the tees help with cross members. I dry fit the entire assembly first to test the fit. Once satisfied, I glued everything together.

Because my PVC is built custom for my pull cart, I won't give you exact dimensions. My rack is approximately 18" wide by 32" tall.

You can see the double 6" pegs I put on the lower section so I would have support for the gear to rest on.

Step 3: Final Thoughts & Details

I glued the PVC frame together and then let it sit for a while so the glue will set.

The frame is attached to the pull cart with a shoestring on top so it won't shift. The weight of the gear on the bottom is enough to hold the frame in place. I also use a long bungee to secure gear on the rack.

The entire thing breaks down/sets up in about 30 seconds and fits nicely in the back of my SUV.

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    3 years ago

    Very nice job. great way to repurpose the golf cart.